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The Incredible Benefits of Healthier Pet's Turkey Tail Mushrooms on Pet's Health

Unlock the power of centuries-old medicinal mushrooms with Healthier Pet's Turkey Tail Mushrooms.

For thousands of years, humans have used turkey tail mushroom to support their health and now,

modern research is revealing its potential benefits for our Canine companions.

In this article, Doctors and Veterinarians have outlined the possible applications of turkey tail extracts as

a Dog health supplement. Discover the protective powers of Healthier Pet's Turkey Tail Mushrooms and

learn how to find the best supplement for your Pup.

Why are Turkey Tail Mushrooms so Beneficial for Dogs

With a blend of both beta-glucans and terpenes, these mushrooms offer a variety of molecular

variations that provide strong immune-enhancing properties. Studies have shown that these compounds

can help regulate the immune system, cholesterol levels, inflammatory responses, and blood sugar

levels, as well as offer antioxidant activity against infectious agents and neoplastic cells.

Further Benefits for Dogs

Healthier Pet's Turkey Tail Mushrooms are known to be beneficial to a Dog’s immune system, thanks to

the abundance of “immune system-positive” compounds they contain. These mushrooms may be

helpful in addressing health issues such as infections, immune deficiencies, and even malignant cell

growth in canine companions.

The antioxidant and inflammation-balancing qualities of the bioactive molecules in turkey tail

mushrooms have been studied by multiple research teams. One animal study even found that turkey

tails may be able to provide mild pain relief, as the polysaccharides within them can increase the cytokine IL-2, which reduces inflammation.

When it comes to its uses for battling cancer, turkey tail mushrooms have been found to have a dual

effect. They can activate the innate immune system to fight off pathogens, as well as have a direct

cytotoxic effect on these same pathogens.

Selecting the Best Turkey Tail Supplement

Since 2012, turkey tail mushroom supplements for Dogs have become increasingly popular. This is due

to the publication of a study which proposed that the mushroom mycelial extract could improve the

outcomes of dogs with hemangiosarcoma better than chemotherapy. The mycelial extract used in that

study was grown in a special liquid broth and isolated pharmaceutically by a Chinese manufacturer, and

is sold as a patented product called PSP (polysaccharopeptide).

However, many of the turkey tail extracts available in North America are mycelium grown on grain, and

do not contain enough PSP isolate to have an effect. Additionally, the mycelium cannot be separated

from the grain, which is high in carbohydrates. As cancer cells receive much of their energy for growth

from carbohydrates, most cancer diet strategies suggest minimizing simple sugars and carbohydrates.

It Is therefore essential to understand the origin and growth medium of the mushroom supplement you

are considering giving to your dog. Many medicinal mushrooms are found naturally growing on dead

and decaying wood. While growing mushroom mycelium on grain is a step forward in mushroom

cultivation, it is not the final step.

Two Turkey Tail Tests Results

The efficacy of Turkey Tail mushrooms in treating canine hemangiosarcoma was first investigated in

2012 with a pilot study. A small number of dogs were given PSP – the highest dose of the mushroom

extract proved to be the most successful, with the median survival time reaching 199 days. This was a

marked improvement on the 141-179 days for dogs receiving doxorubicin chemotherapy and 19-86 days

for those not receiving any treatment.

In 2022, a larger, prospective clinical trial was conducted to further test the potential benefits of PSP

extract. This time, the results were distinguished by gender – male dogs responded better to PSP alone

or in combination with chemotherapy than female dogs. The median survival time did not reach the 199

days of the first study, however male dogs given PSP alone performed as well as those given


The PSP and PSK Isolates, derived from the entire mushroom, have been proven to be beneficial in

treating a range of human cancers. The fact that Turkey Tail mushrooms show promise in helping to

extend the life of dogs with aggressive cancer is a major breakthrough. These two studies demonstrate

the potential for further research into the use of turkey tail mushrooms for treating canine cancer.

How Healthier Pet’s Turkey Tail can help boost conventional treatments

Adding turkey tail extract to your Pet’s routine can be a wise choice to help bolster their immune system

and give them a better chance of responding well to other treatments.

Supplementing your Pet’s daily routine with Healthier Pets Turkey Tail Mushroom extract may be

beneficial in a variety of situations. The extracts of this mushroom have been used to help support the

immune system to resolve problems such as chronic infections, particularly those that involve the

respiratory, skin, or urinary systems. Moreover, turkey tail can be used in conjunction with antibiotics to

help bolster the immune system’s ability to fight infection, potentially resulting in better outcomes than

with antibiotics alone. Additionally, it may be useful in helping Pets with cancerous conditions to better

withstand the rigors of traditional cancer therapies, allowing them to better respond to treatment.

Turkey Tails for Vaccine Support

In 2011, researchers studied whether a beta-glucan extract from oyster mushroom could increase the

effectiveness of rabies vaccinations in stressed, immunocompromised puppies from a shelter. Rabies is a

deadly zoonotic disease, meaning it can infect and be fatal to both animals and humans. The puppies

were administered the extract for a month to strengthen their immune systems. The results indicated

that the beta-glucans from turkey tail were able to help the puppies reach a protective antibody level

from their re-vaccination, providing a natural, immune-enhancing approach to boost the efficacy of the

rabies vaccine.

In Summary

When selecting a mushroom supplement for your furry pal, it is essential to make sure it is free of

grains, and consists of only the mushroom fruiting body. We have taken the initiative to provide

Healthier Pet mushroom products that are organically grown and put through a meticulous drying and

grinding process. To guarantee maximum potency and purity, their products are further examined by a

third-party and then undergo a hot water extraction method. With this advanced extraction process,

you can be certain that your Pet will be receiving the most potent and pure mushrooms, without any

grains or mycelium.

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