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Pet The Bunny


This is what our first time clients usually ask us.

If you have any additional concerns or questions please don't hesitate to contact us! We want to make sure you and your pet are cared for.

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  • Since these products are made from cannabis, are the they safe, and can my pet get high?"
    Our products are 100% natural, completely safe and non-toxic. It will never get your pets “high” and it is impossible to “overdose” using our products.
  • Are Healthier Pet products legal?
    We have specifically developed our product (patent pending) to contain 0% THC and less than 2% CBD/ml, which by definition makes our product a health supplement and outside the jurisdiction of cannabis licensing.
  • Do I need a prescription to purchase Healthier Pet products?
    No. Since all Healthier Pet products are 100% natural, including our lab-tested and certified CBD, you will not need a veterinarian to prescribe our products. We do recommend informing your vet that you are using Healthier Pet products. This will help them with the progression of your pet’s health profile.
  • How do I know which product to purchase and how much to give my pet?
    You can find all daily recommended usages for your pet and what product we would recommend using our dosage charts.
  • How long will a bottle of Health Drops last for my pet?
    Each bottle of our Health Drops contains 30 full droppers. In order to find out how long a bottle will last you, simply divide the daily recommended amount by 30. Find out more about appropriate dosages here.
  • Are Healthier Pet products only for sick pets?
    No. Our Healthier Pet products are for pets of all ages and can be incorporated as a daily health treat. Our products help prevent nerve degeneration for the minds of developing pets. For older pets, our formulas include anti-aging properties that help brain, hips, and joints through the senior years.



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